After a full year of assessments and studying, in the mean time we had to produce a Portfolio for the end of Diploma Exhibition. Not knowing what genre to focus on for a while it clicked to me a month before it was due that I like shooting abstract buildings and that I should do modern architecture for my portfolio. After researching and researching for amazing modern buildings that caught my eye, it was Canberra that was the closest state to travel from Sydney. Only having 3 days there I had to pump out at least 8 photos for this set of images. Night by night editing and realising, YES this portfolio is going places. I came back to Sydney and showed my teachers what I shot and they were really impressed! All the images were in the bag but the hardest was choosing the best 10! It took a week to choose and get ideas and opinions from teachers and fellow photographers and friends but in the end it was well worth the wait, tears, travels and late nights.
I was privileged to receive this award unexpectedly even though a lot of my fellow students around me were telling me I have an amazing set of images. Being too focused on the details in the image, I didn't think it was possible.
The award was selected by Industry photographers Penelope Beverage and Nuran Zorlu at the Exhibition opening night at Ultimo TAFE.
My 10 images are below, click to enlarge.

2016 Highest Acheivement Portfolio - Diploma in Photo Imaging

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