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Head On Exhibition Photos

A successful and rewarding exhibition to have been a part of. The opening night boasted more than 100 people enjoying our work.

After 6 months of tirelessly putting these images together, we had 3 weeks to showcase our amazing set of images. We sold small card prints, mounted images and some even framed prints straight off the gallery wall.

Our mentor and club patron of St George Camera Club, Professor Des Crawley, opened the exhibition.

15 photographers took part in this year's great Exhibition called 'Imagined Emotional Landscapes" Anatoli Zehalko, Barbara Seager, Christina Brunton, Fiona Brook, Frank Dannaher, George Komatas, Geraldine Lefoe, Ilona Abou-Zolof, John Swainston, Marianthi Karadoukas, Sue Robertson, Suzanne Prouzos, Tony Naumovski, Yong Wei Ruan, Yvonne Raulston, together with Des Crawley, Course Convenor.

Click Images to enlarge.

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