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Sydney in Isolation March 2020

As the whole world has basically been in isolation due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) these last few months, Australia is slowly following. Before all the strict rules came out, I decided I would visit Sydney CBD and document it in pictures. While walking through this normally bustling city my whole life it was definitely very strange and weird walking in a city that looked like a ghost town. Hardly anyone around, everyone keeping their distance, no talking and very very quiet.

Hardly any shops open for business...except for the "essential" businesses such as groceries etc.

Walking through Circular Quay was definitely creepy, no usual tourists or sightseers enjoying the harbour.

Restaurants and cafes closed as the restrictions tighten.

Sydney Opera House, normally a very busy bustling area you can see not 1 person!

No cars on the road.... only taxis.

Normally you would see chairs and tables out and people enjoying a meal by the harbour...Not today!

Normally a really busy spot in Circular Quay near the ferry stops but today there was hardly anyone there. A few people having their afternoon walk and that was it. Very dull and ghosty feeling.

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